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[Linux-cluster] RE:

	Sorry about the missing subject, I was hasty. But, I just caught
a recent conversation dealing with the service script information, so
I've got that now. But I do still have questions about the
inconsistencies with the documentation, and I would appreciate any
enlightening anybody could shed. Thanks.


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From: Hendershot, Zach 
Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 4:51 PM
To: 'linux-cluster redhat com'

    I'm playing around with Red Hat Cluster Suite and I had a quick
question. I was solely reading the manual for CS4 up until a few hours
ago. Then I stumbled upon the CS3 manual. WOW, there is so much more
detail (for example: how do you use the clusvcadm command). Why are
people who only read the CS4 manual left out from all the good
information. Additionally, of course some of the CS3 stuff is out of
date so its additional information is a mixed bag. 
    Also, I'm having trouble with service failover. I have a script that
accepts {start, stop, status} for Apache. I manually fail Apache, and CS
basically puts the service in the failed state because it can't stop the
service (the stop command returns a 1 status, because it cant stop an
already stopped service). The service never gets failed over to another
node. And back to the documentation, why is something basic like script
creation and API left out? Am I looking in the wrong place or
overlooking some of this information? Maybe I'm just too used to VCS?
Thank you all very much for your help. Have a great day.

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