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Re: [Linux-cluster] lock_dlm kernel panics

On Mar 17, 2006, at 11:40 PM, David Teigland wrote:

On Fri, Mar 17, 2006 at 03:38:59PM -0600, Paul Tader wrote:
Mar 17 11:38:02 nodename kernel: d0 unlock fe20017a no id

GFS is trying to unlock a lock that doesn't exist which causes the panic. We know this happens if cman shuts down the dlm while it's in use (cman
does this if it's lost connection with the cluster.)  There's some new
output in the RHEL4U3 dlm that should tell us if that's in fact what's
happening or if there's some other cause that we need to uncover.

So, you should look on all nodes for any cman messages in
/var/log/messages or the console.  And when you're using the latest
version look for the new dlm message "WARNING: dlm_emergency_shutdown".

We had a similiar problem on our 4 node GFS cluster. I have send the crash reports to the list as attachment for all 4 nodes. One cman crash and 3 dlm crashes.

Can the list handle attachments or must i send it inline?

2.6.16-rc5 kernel

Bas van der Vlies
basv sara nl

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