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[Linux-cluster] other cluster FS

Title: other cluster FS

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

with the latest community kernel release I was looking at oracle's FS and then SGI's CXFS. I liked the CXFS paper and wondered if GFS was working in similar fashion where meta-data is stored by a 'master' and then pieces of it farmed out to nodes as required. So essentially all meta-data resides on the first one to mount GFS I guess and it handles the periodic flushing of changes? Is there a machanism to designate "backup" masters or does this arise implicitly by virtue of a neighboring node(s)recovering a peer's journals after an election?

CXFS is/was available on seemingly a number of different OS's. Anyone actually using it? Is GFS ported to anything besides Linux? I want and intend to standardize on Linux as the bare-metal OS, but being able to play nice with winblows would be really cool. Does CXFS use DLM and other pieces of the Linux Clustering package set? I was really not impressed by the claim that OCFS2 panics the machine on error. Is that for real?

Anyone try IBM's GPFS?

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