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[Linux-cluster] Disconnecting eth cable, cluster hung-uP!

Cluster that I'm testing in lab with two node works fine, but
unfortunately I don't have any fence device for my test. It can switch
services from one node to other without any problem and if I shut a node
all services go to other node...BUT
Today I tried to simply disconnect ethernet cable to one node and I saw
that both node hung-up....I can't use clustat anymore...

In log I can see that CMAN remove correctly node from cluster (missed
too many heartbeats) and at same time I have a "fenced: nodo1 not a
cluster member after 0 sec post_fail_delay"

After that..only a lot of "fence "nodo1" failed"

but in this case, simply removing ethernet cable....other node doesn't
start services...why?

Plus...I maked a script to shut correctly the services in case of
emergency but in this case It'hung-up during 
"Waiting for services to stop:"

How can I resolve this problem....

Thanks in advance!

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