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Re: [Linux-cluster] RAIDing a CLVM?

Patton, Matthew F, CTR, OSD-PA&E wrote:
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 > A better approach is to export not an GNBD but an iSCSI
 > device from DRBD.

how about exporting each single HD as iSCSI instead of GNBD in the first place then? Is the iSCSI subsystem more robust in that sense? Then on the softwareRaid master instead of exporting a filesystem, export a raid'ed iSCSI device. If the RAID meta-data were spread out onto multiple disks (which actually would mean multiple machines) then if the master went down any of the others should be able to rebuild the RAID set or at least run in degraded mode.

In theory, yes. This is what we have "working" in the lab using GNBD. Under "normal" fail-over conditions, the remaining node does re-assemble a degraded RAID device. The problems mainly stem from GNBD under certain fail-over conditions. Both in importing/exporting the component disks, and then importing/exporting the assembled raid device.

I'm working out of the office today but will post our init scripts for the GNBD equivalent, on the understanding that you post back your iSCSI stuff and mods to our scripts.


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