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Re: [Linux-cluster] Shutdown/startup

I don't know if it's correct....but I have init scripts that 
shut down the services in order:

blade07:phung:) cat /etc/init.d/gfs_all

case "$1" in
                for i in ccsd cman fenced clvmd_init gfs; do
                        sh /etc/init.d/$i start
                for i in gfs clvmd_init fenced cman ccsd; do
                        sh /etc/init.d/$i stop
        echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop}"

On 23, Mar, 2006, Paul Tader declared:

> So how does one properly shutdown and/or start up a GFS 6.1 cluster. 
> Documentation on the procedures are surprisingly sparse.  For example, 
> what I've experienced during shutdown are messages like:
> CMAN: sendmsg failed: -101
> CMAN: we are leaving the cluster.
> from the node shutting down while the the other nodes report that this 
> node needs to be fenced off.  What?!  Fenced during a controlled 
> shutdown?  Is that correct?  During a complete cluster shutdown, of 
> course quorum, at some point is lost, freezing the nodes that have not 
> completely shutdown forcing a hard reset on those nodes.  I'm probably 
> missing something trivial here, but this doesn't seem right.
> Start up also suffers from the "quorum" problem, but it seems to 
> recovery once enough nodes are up.
> Paul

email:  phung cs columbia edu
phone:  646-775-6090
fax:    212-666-0140
office: CS Dept. 520, 1214 Amsterdam Ave., MC 0401, New York, NY 10027

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