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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Suite v3 IPMI fencing time

Hello again,

I have another question about CSv3U6 under the following environment:
* using Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES v3 Update 6 (cannot update to U7 because
Adaptec's SAS controller driver officialy supports only RHEL3U6)
* using Cluster Suite v3U6 (latest packages, clumanager-1.2.28-1)
* 2-node cluster with IBM xSeries 366 servers
* storage is a NetApp FAS270c
* shared state (quorum) managed over an iSCSI LUN on the NetApp
* using Red Hat's latest release of iscsi-initiator-utils (v 3.6.3-3)
* storage volumes for services accessed through NFS on the NetApp
* access to the storage done on a separate VLAN with Linux 802.3ad channel
bonding configured, using Cisco switches with port configured for LACP link
* NetApp also configured for access in the network using link aggregation 

We configured fencing using IPMI over LAN. Although it works ok, it takes
almot 5 minutes for the fencing process to complete, please see these logs:

Mar 25 22:52:48 member1 cluquorumd[4112]: <warning> --> Commencing STONITH <--
Mar 25 22:55:00 member1 cluquorumd[4112]: <notice> STONITH: member2 has been
Mar 25 22:57:11 member1 cluquorumd[4112]: <notice> STONITH: member2 is no
longer fenced off.

1. member1 does not take over the services until the fencing process
completes, is that correct?
2. if it is a correct behaviour that member1 waits for the fencing completion
to take over services, how can I reduce the total fencing time? I didn't find
any parameters under the cludb man page for this.

Again, thank you all for any help.


Celso K. Webber <celso webbertek com br>
(41) 3284-3035
(41) 8813-1919

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