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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Suite v3 mounting NFS volumes

Hello everybody,

As stated on previous email messages, we are configuring a cluster where the
storage system is a NetApp device.

Because of that, all service volumes (for Oracle in our case) are NFS mounted
in the cluster.

I'd like to have the NFS filesystems mounted only on the active machine, thus
avoiding a user from mistakenly NFS mount the filesystems on the other machine
and start playing with the datafiles from there.

Although NFS will protect from filesystem corruption if I mount from both
machines, it is still possible that someone starts playing with files at the
"standby" machine while the "active" machine have them into production.

Question: is there a reason for CSv3 not supporting a configuration where NFS
devices mount/umount are controlled by the Cluster?

For now I've included mount/umount commands on the service script.

Thank you all.

Celso K. Webber <celso webbertek com br>
(41) 3284-3035
(41) 8813-1919

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