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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2 Node Cluster - SAN Fencing

>>     I have a 2 node cluster that I'm setting up fencing on (with
>> fence_brocade). As a test I bring down the heartbeat network. A few
>> seconds pass and BOTH nodes fence each other off of the SAN (via the
>> 2nd network interface on the machines). Should I put the brocade
>> switch on the heartbeat network, or is there a better way? Thanks.

>2-node clusters need power fencing.
>-- Lon

Hi Lon

I'm not sure it solves Zach's problem ... in fact, I think it
is quite similar to the question I asked several weeks ago about
failure on the heart-beat eth :
whatever fencing solution, when we got a failure on heart-beat
eth, both nodes can decide to fence the other, so the first
one to detect the hb failure wins but the probability that
both nodes decide simultanesouly is not null ... and the problem
remains the same with fence_brocade as well as with a power fence
such as fence_ipmilan or any other ...

Right ?

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