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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: More CS4 fencing fun

Ok the WOW blackmail was enough for me :-)

For a number  reasons i cant buy a WTI or whatever.

I have a MSA1000 with dual controller and dual Storageworks fabric switches.

Those switches are OEM version of Brocade Silkworm 2x00.

Each one have a management ethernet port.

Can i use those ports as a 2nd (and 3d) fence device ?

Dl380 have qlogic FC adapter.

Vanilla qlogic kernel driver supplies IP over fibre facility, allowing the fence_agent to reach the fabric switch
by means of fibre avoiding all mess with ethernet.


>>The qla2xip driver will create a network-interface binding to each IP-capable recognized HBA. Binding entries can be viewed from the messages file after the IP driver has loaded:
>>qla2xip: QLogic IP via Fibre Channel Network Driver
>>qla2xip: Driver Version 1.0b2, Entry point: e08e5060
>>qla2xip: Mapping interface fc0 to HBA 210100e08b20a15b
>>qla2xip: Mapping interface fc1 to HBA 210200e08b40a25b

Unfortunatelly neither red hat driver nor HP one support this facility so i must use the ethernet port.

> http://people.redhat.com/teigland.sca.pdf

Page not found 404


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