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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHCS 3: A NFS only solution possible ?

Hello Frank,

I've just returned from a customer installation where we had the very same problem.

We set up a meeting to decide between going to CSv4 or not because of a NetApp storage.

We ended up staying with CSv3, but creating a LUN over iSCSI on the NetApp filer to serve as a LUN for our raw device quorum partitions.

As far as I can tell, this solution is supported by Red Hat, I've found some december 2004 news on the Net reporting an agreement between Red Hat and NetApp to support Cluster Suite over iSCSI. Can someone from Red Hat confirm this?

The only difficulties I've had is that I was forced to configure the CSv3 to use broadcast heartbeating. Multicast didn't work in any way for the quorum devices, with very strange behaviours.

Another try would be using Disk-based tiebraker, but I'll let this issue for an expertise. We had a 2-node cluster, and the CS GUI recommends IP tiebraker for a 2-node cluster.

By the way, this configuration was also fully supported by NetApp. Their consultant was very positive about using this solution over iSCSI and even told us that we would receive support from NetApp.

As a technical note, NetApp recommended using the iSCSI initiator provided with RHEL, which was our preferd option.

Hope this helps you.


PS: this environment is under production today, supporting Oracle 9i. The Oracle datafiles are over NFS on NetApp.

Weyns, Frank escreveu:
Hi ,
With RHCS 4 it is possible to build a cluster using as shared storage NFS NetApp filers. It does not need a quorum disk because of the fencing devices..... But .... Because of an old application I need to build this cluster on RHEL 3u5 and RHCS 3 ... this means raw shared storage.
(Or do i get confused with mc service guard ?)
So can I create a raw device on NFS ? or is there another way around the quorum?/raw disks ? Any other ideas or hints ? Frank (a) Weyns (.) net

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