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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster and Apache tomcat

Thanks for the response,

So in this scenario :
2 apache servers (webroot : /home/web/site1)
2 tomcat servers (tomcat root : /usr/local/tomcat)

Can I put the entire tomcat root on the SAN (GFS)? Java JVM on each server.

Marc Grimme wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thursday 30 March 2006 17:26, FM wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Next month, we'll have 6 servers connected to a SAN. Those servers will
>> be in a web farm. And web documents will on a GFS file system. We will
>> use the Redhat cluster suite.
>> I'd like to install Tomcat 5 and/or 5.5 on those servers and use its
>> cluster's possibilities (mod_jk for example).
>> Some webapps need sessions. But I read that tomcat will handle that.
>> But How do you handle webapps installation on all servers ? Do you
>> deploy the war 6 times ? If not is there a tomcat way to replicate these
>> webapps ?
> No you don't need to, just put it on GFS.
>> Can I put the webapps folder on a GFS partition ?
> Dito. No problem as general answer. But it sometimes depends on the 
> application (what webapps you have).
>> How about tomcat writing to a gfs file system ?
> You can put anything on GFS without problem when using tomcat. We have 
> installed a 16 node cluster shared root, shared data, shared tomcat vars on 
> GFS running without problems. There are some specialities but these are 
> dependent on applications and stuff.
> Hope that helps
> Regards Marc.
>> Thanks !
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