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[Linux-cluster] RE: CS4 Virtual Ip address Service re-starts

Message Classification: Restricted

Message Classification: Restricted
I'm using RHEL CS4 and the objective is to create a 2-node Cluster, IP: and IP:, using Active/Passive configuration.  
For a start, I want to create a Virtual IP address ( service that will failover to the other node when one of the nodes is down. After creation of the service called "mf", I enabled the service in the Cluster Configuration GUI and it is started okay. In the "var/log/messages" file, after about approx. 2 minutes, I get the following messages :
clurgmgrd [7838]:<notice> status on ip "" returned 1 (generic error)
clurgmgrd [7838]:<notice> Stopping service mf
clurgmgrd [7838]:<notice> Service mf is recovering
clurgmgrd [7838]:<notice> Recovering failed service mf
clurgmgrd [7838]:<notice> Service mf started
After about 2 minutes, the whole affair repeats itself again for eternity.
Is there any script for the virtual ip address that I can access to set the status ?  

This is solved in current CVS - and will be solved with U3. It's got to do with the router-pinging code being broken.

To get rid of it for now, delete the depth="20" monitor/status actions from /usr/share/cluster/ip.sh and restart rgmanager.

>> Thanks, Lon, it worked as you said. BTW, I've Redhat support subscription, any idea where to download CS4 U3 ? Regards.


-- Lon


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