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[Linux-cluster] standard mechanism to communicate between cluster nodes from kernel

Hi all,

I was trying to understand whether there is a standard set of API we
are working on for communicating between different nodes in a cluster
inside kernel. I looked at ocfs2 and the ocfs2 dlm code base seems to
use tcp via o2net_send_tcp_msg and the redhat dlm seems to sctp. There
is also tipc (net/tipc) code in the kernel now ( I am not sure about
the details of tipc). This confuses me a lot. If i want to use all
these cluster components what is the standard way. I am right now
looking at clusterproc
(http://www.openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=proc-hooks.html ) and
wondering what should be the communication mechanism.  clusterproc was
earlier based on CI which provided a simple easy way to define
different cluster services( more or less like rpcgen style
http://ci-linux.sourceforge.net/ics.shtml ). Does we are looking for a
framework like that ?

NOTE: I am not trying to find out which one is the best. I am trying
to find out if there is a standard way of doing this


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