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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster suit 4.2

Mr Lon,

I still face the same problem. If network cable of two NIC of one node are disconnected, the cluster system stall/hang. For your input, I use manual fence for the time being and using two network interfaces for each node as a bonding port. I have no power switch for fencing but my servers have ILO port ( Proliant DL380G4 ). If manual fence is not recommended for this case, can I use ILO port for fencing. Can you tell me how to set ILO fenced and what things are needed for the setting.
Is ILO need license. Can you give me the solution for this problem.
Thanks in advance.


would you like give us the solution
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On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 23:13 +0700, Paul wrote:
manual fence, because we have redundance PS, thx

You need to run fence_ack_manual on the surviving node.  Note that
running manual fencing in production environments is not supported.

There is plenty of adequate remote power fencing hardware available
which will handle multiple power supplies.

-- Lon

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