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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2nd try: fencing?

Jason wrote:

What you use for a fence method all depends on your hardware.  If you
give a quick explanation of your hardware setup, we might be able to
help you pick a fence device that will work with what you have already.
Or if you don't have anything that could be used to block access, you
might have to buy some network power switches.

right now, all I have is 2 dell servers in a rack with identical configs. (dual ethernet controllers and 1 separate controller for the heartbeat).
Do your Dell servers have Drac support? RHCS supports Drac 4/I and DracIII/MC.

Both are running linux-ha and are both connected to a dell powervault 220S storage array which is configured so that both hosts can access the drives concurrently (cluster mode). Im following the instructions at http://www.gyrate.org/archives/9 and am at step 17.. which says to configure CCS.

I guess we could get an APC power switch, but what would you folks suggest? i.e. what model for just a 2 cluster node (each server has 2 power supplies). Or is there a better way?

An AP7900 would probably work for you. If you use system-config-cluster to configure your cluster, it will detect that you are fencing each node twice with a 'power switch' type of fence on the same level and set the appropriate attributes for you in the cluster.conf file.


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