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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL4 and Cluster Suite

Agreed! I asked about this months ago, don't think I ever got a straight answer. 'course I suppose technically we could go wade through the code that reads the file to figure it out ourselves ... I'd rather see a document, though. Maybe if I get unlazy I'll go do just that and write one. Unless someone's got one handy ...

Vito, I wouldn't personally recommend the gui, anyway; I don't find it to be very robust, and you'll be better off learning to do it by hand in the long run.


p.s. just to pick a nit, you can be "strictly command line" on a box and still run the gui tools remotely from another machine; you just need to have the X11, etc. packages installed but set the default run level to 3 in /etc/inittab.

Vito Laurenza wrote:
Hello all,
I'm new to Cluster Suite and I was wondering if there was a tutorial of some kind regarding the cluster.conf file. I've read the Red Hat docs and they suggest using the GUI to configure, but I'm running strictly command line here and need to know how to properly write the XML. I've only come across a couple of samples and was hoping someone could give give me (or point me to) a complete run down of valid tags and attributes. Any help would be appreciated.

:::: Vito Laurenza

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