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Re: [Linux-cluster] Recommended HP servers for cluster suite

Blades are a lot more expensive than comparable 1U/2U boxes. Great if you are running out of space. another good thing is, with proper SAN planning and boot-from san setup, you can do drop-in replacement when a blade fails.

we have good experience putting clustersuite on BL35p ( the half height blades ) , but GFS is another story. (Might have something to do with MSA1500 we have, Redhat and HP are blaming each other on that issue)

iLO is pretty nice, but I think VMware consoles are easier to use :) Now if i can just figure out how to make GFS work properly in ESX server ....


bl20p can be had very cheap nowadays, but should be enough for most tasks. Downside: only two internal disks, the rest is via SAN (or iSCSI).

I want to add a vote for the proliant bl* series. It uses iLO...not the older Riloe cards, which have been problematic now and then.


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