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Re: [Linux-cluster] RE: < fecing with out any hardware? >

Bowie Bailey wrote:
Pool Lee, Mr <14117614 sun ac za> wrote:
What about software fencing? Is it really nesasary to be hardware!

Your choices are limited by your configuration.  The only options that
can be used with any configuration are manual and power.

I was testing a few possibilities of fencing. GFS expects from the fencing script the status "0" to decide if it was successfull. So you can specify any script by your own in the cluster.conf. (Please correct me, if I'm wrong)

This script can be an automatic login to the failed server (ssh, rlogin, serial console) which can execute any remote operation (for example unload the module of the SAN-device) or causing an kernel panic (which is the fencing-method in ocfs2 ;-) ).

Your fencing-script must assure that the failed host doesn't have access to the filesystem anymore!


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