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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVMD

Kevin Nelson wrote:
> Setting up a cluster using RedHat ES4 Update 3. Installed cluster
> software (now running system config cluster 1.0.25), then installed GFS
> (6.1). Device mapper and LVM2 were part of the RedHat install. I have a
> cluster up and running, I can create a volume group, a logical volume
> and then a GFS volume. Read write fine. What I cannot do is share it in
> the cluster, CLVMD is not installed, the only information I can find to
> install is as part of the LVM2 make which allows you to make LVM2 with
> cluster options and CLVM but this fails on the ./configure
> Would appreciate any help if possible or if you need any further
> information let me know.
> Thank you

If you just need clvmd then you'll find it in the lvm2-cluster package.

If you really want to build it from sources then you'll need to post the
configure errors here. I suspect it's just some dependant packages that are


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