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Re: [Linux-cluster] Recommended HP servers for cluster suite

Kovacs, Corey J. wrote:

iLO fencing works just fine.
> If you are using RHEL4 + GFS 6.1, then it is simpler since the
config is expected to be in the same file etc.

> [...]

I seem to have got past the SSL modules installation,
so that is not the problem.

Thanks for sharing your experience, but I admit I still haven't
understood when fencing takes place. What are the conditions that
trigger fencing?

Any specific problem you are having?

The main problem is that I'm now beginning to find my way through RHCS4. :-)
Other random problems that I had:

- oom-killer kernel thread killed my ccs daemon, causing the
  entire two-node cluster to suddenly become unmanageable;
- start/stop of shared filesystem resources (SAN) is causing errors
  and is therefore not managed properly;
- don't know how to properly configure heartbeat;

I know these are not iLO problem. In fact, I'm trying to
solve one problem at a time, and don't know if iLO fencing
can be the cause of these problems.

I need to do some more researching. I'll be back with
more useful info.


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