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Re: [Linux-cluster] Centralized Cron

saju john wrote:

Is there any way to make a centalized cron

at work (more clusters, all Veritas though) we use autosys, which is basically
a program scheduler to start programs on other machines.
cron jobs are for jobs which are for each node (e.g. sending a health status
to a central server once a day), thus bound to a physical machine.
autosys is for everything which can move (cluster service groups, e.g. running
a DB cleanup job on the node which runs the DB). Since each
service group has its own IP address and DNS entry, autosys simply connect
to that IP address and executes a script (and does more like checking the
status, handling timeouts, sending out alarms if anything went wrong etc.).

Since autosys is commercial software and required quite some infrastructure,
a simpler approach is to set up one machine (maybe cluster it ;-)
which starts jobs on other machines according to a list it maintains.


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