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Re: [Linux-cluster] Postgresql under RHCS4


On Thu, 11 May 2006, carlopmart wrote:

Somebody have tried to setup two nodes with Postgresql under RHCS4?. Is it possible to do this without shared storage like mysql cluster feature does?

If you want to run an active/passive cluster, then go on with RHCS+ext{2,3}(or GFS). PostgreSQL cannot run on active/active cluster systems, natively. However, you might give PgCluster a try. Even though it is not the best way, it is worth trying. Slony-II will be implementing multimaster replication feature, but it is still under development.

BTW, GFS is not a prerequisite, if you run an active/passive cluster; however I used it, in order to prevent a spof.

devrim~gunduz.org, devrim~PostgreSQL.org, devrim.gunduz~linux.org.tr

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