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RE: [Linux-cluster] GFS 6.0 - ccsd configuration file

I've used it (in testing) and I think the main reasons it's "less
is that it's easier to keep a single copy consistant on shared storage as
automatic. However the method you mention must be kept consistant manually. I
don't think there is any greater risk for data loss other than that. Others 
may know more tho...


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In GFS 6.0, has anybody experienced using a CCA archive on a local file
instead of a shared volume or server ?
More precisely, if using this method correctly by managing the consistency of
the configuration file over all nodes, is there any greater risk of data
corruption than with a shared volume archive or a server ? I am in the
special case where i don't want to manage another shared volume, and this
option, although less documented, seems better to me. Documentation only
tells that it is "less recommanded".

Thanks in advance,


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