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[Linux-cluster] cman/dlm errors

Title: cman/dlm errors

There seem to be lot bugs filed against cman and dlm in bugzilla post update 3 and I believe
I am seeing some of the same problems. In particular, after some time running, if I manually
kick one of the nodes in any way (fence, pull the cord, whatever) it ends up taking one of the
remaining nodes with it due to a problem in the membership routines of cman. This is also a
major pain since this will happen due to what appear to be dlm issues and a node will fall on
it's face anwyay, then bring down another member. We are exporting 6 gfs filesystems via
nfs which is where the dlm problem seems to stem from.

So, I have two questions for the redhat cluster folks….

1. When is the errata scheduled to come out that covers the latest round of bugs?

2. When the next version of GFS is released, will the new architecture replace the current one
    for RHEL4 or will it be a RHEL5 only version? I believe the former is true, but I'd like to here
    it from the redhat folks.

From what I've read lately from all the "features" documents flying around (Thanks for those by the way)
things look much better on the horizon then they are right now.



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