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[Linux-cluster] CS4 & RHEL4: File System Errors

I'm having some issues with Cluster Suite 4 on RHEL4 u3.

I have a two node cluster with shared storage on a SAN. The service is running in an Active-Passive environment hence only one node should be accessing the file system at a time.

I *was* having a problem where a manual failover (clusvcadm -r <service>) would fail time to time because the unmounting the file system failed due to being "busy". I then added force_unmount=1 to my fs tag in cluster.conf to ensure the file system was unmounted. This seemed to solve the failover failures, however, I began to get journal errors on my shared storage.

1.  Are these errors cropping up because of the forced unmount?
2.  How can I ensure that a mount or unmount done by CS is clean?

Thanks in advance.

:::: Vito Laurenza
::   Systems Administrator
::   Advance Internet
::   201.793.1807
::   vlaurenz advance net

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