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[Linux-cluster] Link monitor under Red Hat Cluster Suite v3

Hello all,

I've been supporting a customer that runs Red Hat Cluster Suite v3.

On this opportunity, we have fully up2date all packages, including those from RHEL and RHCS. So we have the latest kernel with latest clumanasger packages.

I've noticed that the "link monitoring" feature is perhaps not working quite well. The servers have eth0 and eth1 bonded to bond0, and heartbeat is conducted through eth2.

We've tried to pull out both cables from eth0 and eth1, thus rendering the machine unaccessible from the corporate network, but still accessible from the other machine via the crossover cable on eth2.

Since we have the "monitor link" check box "on" for the virtual IP, I imagined that the clumanager would notice the link absense and thus migrate the service to the other node.

Unfortunately, the logs showed nothing and the system went running as they were before unpluging the cables.

Is this behaviour correct? Shouldn't clumanager notice that the cables went down?

I appreciate any tips on this. BTW, the relevant part of cluster.xml is here: <service checkinterval="0" failoverdomain="srvkrm" id="0" maxfalsestarts="5" maxrestarts="10" name="srvkrm" userscript="/root/bin/Start/StartDBKRM">
<service_ipaddress broadcast="" id="0" ipaddress="" monitor_link="1" netmask=""/>
      <device id="0" name="/dev/emcpoweri1" sharename="">
<mount forceunmount="yes" fstype="ext3" mountpoint="/ext_krm" options=""/>

Thank you in advance for any help.


*Celso Kopp Webber*

celso webbertek com br <mailto:celso webbertek com br>

*Webbertek - Opensource Knowledge*
(41) 8813-1919
(41) 3284-3035

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