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[Linux-cluster] Clvm on imported Gnbd Problem

rhel4.0,rhcs4 gfs6.1 , gnbd1.0, piranha-0.8.0-1
Load balance Structure:
director: director1
2 node(real server): cluster1, cluster2
gnbd server: gnbd_serv

Gnbd server have no cluster software enable.
I have export disk as block deives on gnbd server with following step
#gnbd_serv -n
# gnbd_export -c -e slice0 -d /dev/sdb

then import device on both real server node(cluster1,cluster2) completely
#gnbd_impoart -i gnbd_serv

and start all cluster service successfull( ccsd, cman,fence, clvm, gfs).
I builded lvm at cluster1 (first real server node) on imported device from gnbd server
and have no any error and can format device with gfs.
But when i list lvm on another node (cluster2) with pvs and lvs command It have not found lvm i have created on cluster1.
cluster2 only see the original block device that import from gnbd_serv.

Clvm have start successfully but look like both node cannot sync status of lvm.
Do i miss some thing before create lvm on imported block device  ?


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