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[Linux-cluster] [Fwd: Configure FC2-133 with DS4100 On Linux RHEL 4.2]


I think this was meant to come here.  I do not have anything to add; I
have never used this particular piece of hardware.

-- Lon
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Dear All,

any one here has experience install 2 IBM X346 with DS4100 for shared
My configuration is 2 IBm X346 connect direct to DS4100 trough FC
1. Install qlogic driver and rdac for this FC card and DS4100 driver
on Node1 succes the drive of DS4100 can use on this node can describe
with fdisk -l, and try to partition (to be 4 partition ) and this node
can maping succesfully

I've been succes install 2 node with RHEL 4.2 while install RDAC for
driver DS4100 its going to success (on node1)
but whether to install on node2 I got error like this
May 23 15:07:23 ora2 kernel: 493 [RAIDarray.mpp]DS_KSCCB:1:0:0 Cmnd
failed-retry the same.
path. vcmnd SN 16048 pdev H2:C0:T0:L0 0x05/0x94/0x01 0x08000002 

The DS4100 already to Disable AVT on both node.

may some one has experience to install DS4100 can share knowledge to
share this problem.
highly appreciate for your kind help.

Tks & Best regards,
Andi EP
IT Engineer
mailto:milis ogs-id com

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