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Re: [Linux-cluster] Piranha/LVS/Load balancing

hi Mike

are there any error messages when you try to start things up? Between the list members and Google, something should match or be able to give an indication of how to progress on your config.

Are there any specific sections in the official documentation that you find unclear? (there are a number of open bugzillas on the RHCS documentation). However, the documentation is reasonably complete. IMHO, the chances are fairly small that the documentation is incomplete/unusable to such an extent that someone else would be writing / maintaining a separate, more understandable LVS howto.

If the vendor-provided docs don't work for you, perhaps a generic howto (I found one at http://www.austintek.com/LVS/LVS-HOWTO/HOWTO/ ) might give you better mileage.

If you are not misreading the documentation (others have been able to set up IPVS using the RH docs), you may have stumbled on a mistake/omission.

From personal experience I know that if I had to write up the problem that I am having, retracing my steps, rereading the docs, manpages and looking in detail at the error messages, there is a good chance that I might solve the problem myself, without submitting a query to either this list or Red Hat Support.


isplist logicore net wrote:
This is where I started, on the redhat site. Ended up with problems, have not been able to find enough to get past the errors. For example, the services won't turn on for some reason, at least Piranha says the daemon is stopped. Everything seems to be running when I ps from the command line.

Anyhow, I'll keep looking, thanks for the lead.


Anyone know of a CLEAR and easy to understand document on setting up a
Piranha LVS load balancing setup? I've read everything I can find and since


clear enough?

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