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Re: [Linux-cluster] Piranha/LVS/Load balancing

Found the problem but it leaves me confused.

First, the log says that the problem is that pulse cannot start, looking into 
that, seems something else might be running on that port. Nothing else running 
on that port yet pulse won't start.
A reboot fixed that yet netstat looks identical, I don't get it.

Look at permissions of lvs.cf and sure enough, those aren't correct. Change 
everything over and voila, Piranha reports that everything is running.

So, have to guess first that my scp command is not working as I've set it up 
because permissions were changed when copying file over to redundant server.

scp /etc/sysconfig/ha/lvs.cf

So, now it's all running but have new errors to deal with since the actual 
servers are timing out. (Nov  1 10:53:29 lb53 nanny[2963]: READ to timed out). No biggie, this one should just be part of some 
configuring now.


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