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Re: [Linux-cluster] LVS Director + TG3 = problem ?

On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 08:58 -0500, FM wrote:
> Hello,
> With RHEL 4.4 CS :
> My director : HP DL360 (TG3 RH module), 2 Gb NIC (bonding mode=0) behind
> a PIX firewall (100 Mb NIC). All servers connected to  Gb CISCO switches
> I'm having a hard time with this server. the LVS seems to be ok (web
> sites are available for users ;) ). But, in the logs, I have a lot of
> nanny disabling real servers and then enabling them 1 second later. And
> when connecting using SSH, I have a connection time out or when the
> connection succeed, the ssh session freezes after several minutes. I
> talked to CISCO admin and traffic is not crazy in the director ports.
> I read in the past that the TG3 is not recommended by HP. Do you have 
> that kind of issue with the mix hp broadcom NIC + tg3 RH module ?


I haven't experienced the same problem, but occasionally, my tg3 boxes
don't acquire their DHCP addresses on boot because the link is
(reportedly) not detected.  At this point, I have to log in via remote
console and manually try to bring up the interface (sometimes it takes
2-3 tries).  Also, sometimes shell sessions pause for 3-5 seconds for no
good reason.

I haven't bothered to trace the problem further, because for me, it's
just a minor annoyance.

Maybe it's related? *shrug*

-- Lon

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