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RE: [Linux-cluster] LVS: Not as a gateway?

What is confusing me is that everything on my network is behind the firewall, 
so NAT to begin with. Yet, the LVS setup requires a public address and a 
private one. 

Both LVS machines do have two NIC's. Both LVS and real servers use the same 
gateway, for example. The client connections are sent directly to 
the real servers by using 'DIRECT' connections, 

I've set up LVS with as the public floating IP that clients 
connect to. Yet, I keep getting these errors I noted in another reply.

What am I missing here? I've not set up anything outside of LVS however 
because that's not clear to me. Should I be setting up on my 
second LVS interface manually?


> You would probably want direct routing. "Direct" means on the same network
> as the director, and able to use the same gateway to the outside world. An
> outside client would access services by sending a packet to your firewall,
> which would forward it to the director, then the director would choose an
> LVS "real server" to send it to for processing, and then the real server
> that got it would reply "directly" to the client without further
> intervention from the director machine.
> Chris
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