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Re: [Linux-cluster] LVS Director + TG3 = problem ?

Barry Brimer wrote:
>> I read in the past that the TG3 is not recommended by HP. Do you have
>> that kind of issue with the mix hp broadcom NIC + tg3 RH module ?
> In the past, HP recommended the bcm5700 driver.  I also recommend it. 
> In the last several months, HP has been posting their own version of the
> tg3 driver, although I have not tried it.  I would assume that HP now
> recommends the use of their tg3 driver above all else.

Broadcom no longer provides support for the bcm5700, their website says
"the tg3 driver is now the only Linux driver that Broadcom will support".


Problems I've come across with the tg3 driver are generally fixed by a
firmware update.



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