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[Linux-cluster] clvmd and lvm cache file

I've had some problems with clvmd not updating it's device list after
adding a new PV.
I created a new VG with "-cy", and then, when creating a new LV, it
failed to enable it, whith clvmd claiming it can't find the device's
uuid. An strace on clvmd showed that it simply didn't scan the newly
added PV.
A current and ugly work around is running "service clvmd restart" after
each VG is created. This is good for setting up a system, but what
happens when I have to add a new PV to a clustered system?

A short look at the CVS sources showed that clvmd has been given a "-R"
or refresh option that re-reads LVM's cache file.

Can someone comment on when this patch will find it's way into RHEL?
RHEL4 U4 uses lvm2 2.02.06 and the feature was added to 2.02.13.

Katriel Traum, PenguinIT
Mobile: 054-6789953

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