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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs mounted but not working


Now i'm trying this and it works! for now...

Two nodes: node3 & node4
node4 export his /dev/sdb2 with gnbd_export as "node4_sdb2"
node3 import node4's /dev/sdb2 with gnbd_import (new /dev/gnbd/node4_sdb2)

on node3:  gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t node3:node3_gfs -j 4 /dev/gnbd/node4_sdb2
                 mount -t gfs /dev/gnbd/node4_gfs /users/home

on node4: mount -t gfs /dev/sdb2 /users/home

and both nodes can read an write ths same files on /users/home!!!

Now i'm going for this:

4 nodes on a dedicated 3com 1Gbit ethernet switch:

node2 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node2_sdb2"
node3 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node3_sdb2"
node4 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node4_sdb2"

node1 (main) will import all "nodeX_sdb2" and create a logical volume named
"main_lv" including:

    /dev/sdb2 (his own)

Next I will try to export the new big logical volume with "gnbd_export" and
then do gnbd_import on each node.
With that each node will see "main_lv", then mount it on /users/home as gfs
and get a big shared filesystem to work toghether.

Is this the correct way to do the work??? possibly a deadlock???

Sorry if my english isn't very good ;)

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> On 11/5/06, *romero cl gmail com <mailto:romero cl gmail com>*
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> >
> >     Hi.
> >
> >     I'm trying your method, but still have a problem:
> >
> >     Note: /dev/db2/ is a local partition on my second SCSI hard drive
> >     (no RAID)
> >     runing on HP ProLiant.
> >
> GFS requires that all storage is equally accessible by all nodes in the
> cluster.  Your other nodes have no path to the storage you set up so it
> is impossible for them to share the data.
> Kevin
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