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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs mounted but not working

romero cl gmail com wrote:


Now i'm trying this and it works! for now...

Two nodes: node3 & node4
node4 export his /dev/sdb2 with gnbd_export as "node4_sdb2"
node3 import node4's /dev/sdb2 with gnbd_import (new /dev/gnbd/node4_sdb2)

on node3: gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t node3:node3_gfs -j 4 /dev/gnbd/node4_sdb2
                mount -t gfs /dev/gnbd/node4_gfs /users/home

on node4: mount -t gfs /dev/sdb2 /users/home

and both nodes can read an write ths same files on /users/home!!!

Now i'm going for this:

4 nodes on a dedicated 3com 1Gbit ethernet switch:

node2 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node2_sdb2"
node3 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node3_sdb2"
node4 exporting with gnbd_export /dev/sdb2 as "node4_sdb2"

node1 (main) will import all "nodeX_sdb2" and create a logical volume named
"main_lv" including:

   /dev/sdb2 (his own)

Forgot to say if you want to proceed with above, ... node1 has to import its own GNBD sdb2 export. The key idea to keep in mind is that if you have any "local" configuration, other node would not be able to see it.

I also assume you've installed CLVM (lvm2) - that is "cluster LVM", not the plain LVM.

-- Wendy

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