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Re: [Linux-cluster] Storage Problems, need some advice

On 11/6/06, Patton, Matthew F, CTR, OSD-PA&E <Matthew Patton ctr osd mil> wrote:
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> Would you want an enclosure with SCSI drives or SATA drives?

how much money you got? Unless you are running a fortune 1000 or better operation SATA should more than cut it.

Thanks, I was just concerned about database activity on the array, I'm
sure everything else would be fine.

> the 7200 3Gb drives for maximum performance?

define "maximum". With a RAID controller that doesn't stink and enough spindles the 300GB drives should be quite sufficient. depends on how much $ you have. You don't have to have an external storage chassis. You can convert that GNBD server to an iscsi head just with some software.

Well, by maximum I mean, with SCSI we always buy 15k drives vs 10k
drives so it seems counter intuitive to buy 7200 RPM drives over 10k
drives for better performance. I don't have much experience with SATA
drives in this type of environment.

The only reason I was looking at an enclosure was to have some built
in redundancy vs having to use multipath again on two servers or just
a single server and no redundancy.

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