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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: Storage Problems, need some advice

On 11/7/06, Kevin Anderson <kanderso redhat com> wrote:

 We use iSCSI in our development labs for GFS clustering.  Basically, GFS
requires that the underlying storage be concurrently accessible from all
nodes in the cluster.  This rules out a shared scsi bus between nodes, but
fibre channel, iSCSI and gndb all provide the ability to access the
underlying storage concurrently.   From the basic descriptions of the DS300,
I don't see any reason it wouldn't work very well with GFS.  It provides
either fibre channel or iSCSI support.


Thanks for your response. If I'm reading what you said correctly ANY
iSCSI device would be compatible with GFS? I apologize if this is
common knowledge but I've been having problems tracking down some of
this info.

I'm actually surprised at how little information I've been able to
find on the DS300. It seems to be a very good product with SCSI drives
that is comparable in price to something similar with SATA drives.
Maybe people just don't consider Big Blue for these things?

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