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Re: [Linux-cluster] Load balancing

isplist logicore net wrote:
I've spent this whole week so far trying to get load balancing working. I've posted the config I'm working with and strangely, no replies. I've tried LVS/Piranha and am now trying keepalived. Nothing seems to work and I'm at a loss. Once I see it working, I'll understand it and in fact, I already understand it, it's just not working. Could be my firewalling, could be something else, I've no idea.

I don't know what the rules are but can I offer someone a bit of cash to help me get this working??? I need a master/slave LB front end that handles both web and email connections to a cluster. Or, two LB front ends, one for web and one for email.


hi Mike

Have you considered contacting Red Hat for support? To be able to escalate to them, you need at least
- one RHEL ES Standard ($799) and
- one Red Hat Cluster Suite ($499) subscription
(you only need a subscription for the LVS, not the real servers)

Or is this more than what you would be willing to spend? For that price, you would get unlimited incident support for your system, for one year, btw.

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