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[Linux-cluster] Redhat Cluster Service ccsd failed

Dear Sir,
magma-plugins was installed but still probelm.

Before that i will explain how the installtion was carried out.

1.REdhat has shipped the Redhat Cluster Suite 4 for Itanium ,IA64 and Ia 32 cd.
The Itanium Cd was Inserted and made to run in autmode.But it gives
error of cman-kernel and dlm-kernel is required.

2.Through command line installed both the rpm using

#rpm -ivh cam-kernel-* --nodeps
#rpm -ivh dlm-kernel-* --nodeps.

3.Again the autorun was executed and installed all the rpm which shows
in selection menu.(Same process was carried out in other node also).

4.Executed the command system-config-cluster and configured Cluster
name and node name.Sabed the filed.

5.Copied /etc/cluster/cluster.conf to other node.

6.Execcuted #service ccsd start .# service cman failed ,# service rgmanger start

All shows failed.

Pls help what is the mistake in this process.


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