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[Linux-cluster] Re: rgmanager service initialization on startup

On Fri, 2006-11-10 at 11:13 +0100, Mark Hlawatschek wrote:

> Is it really important to stop unstarted services after a reboot ? If so, 
> maybe a service attribute (e.g. <service name="foo" cleanstart="yes"/> could 
> be introduced to restain this behaviour. 

I disagree with the idea.  Some people have put cluster-managed file
systems in /etc/fstab, causing file system corruption.  Anything -
anything at all - that minimizes the amount of damage caused by mistakes
like this is not only important.

Furthermore, if it's a specific agent that's sending the email, then
you're going to have to set up agent parameter inheritance for service%
cleanstart.  While not hard, it is not an OCF-compatible structure.

> What do you think ? 

I think it would be better to add an environment variable which
indicates that the resource manager is an initialization path, and let
agents check for that.



(or something)

    if [ -z "$_INIT" ]; then
    exit $?

(only exists during the "initialization" path)

While this also isn't OCF-compatible, at least this way, it wouldn't
introduce any incompatibilities between running your agent on CRM and
running it on rgmanager.

-- Lon

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