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[Linux-cluster] occasional cluster crashes

Hi list,

some time ago I configured a two node cluster made of two HP servers and a HP disk array. The two nodes are connected each other by a crossover ethernet gigabit cable for heartbeat signals. The disk array is GFS formatted and connected by SCSI cables to both machines.

The cluster is running MySQL, one of the machines runs the MySQL process at a time while the database files are on the disk array. I checked that if I kill the process, it will migrate on the second machine. From time to time I experience occasional lockups of one of the two machines, it doesn't happen very often and apparently without reason. The only solution in this case is to brutally switch off the machine and reboot. The problem started to be much more frequent when I tried to add another service to the cluster, a LDAP directory. The crashes happened sometimes more than once a day.

I already wrote about this problem some time ago and somebody answered that it could be caused because of the connection of the nodes to the disk array. When a node is accessing the disk array the SCSI bus will prevent the other node from doing something. Can anybody confirm this? Does it mean this hardware architecture is not suitable for a cluster? In this case which architecture would you recommend to let a cluster like this work smoothly? Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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