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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster question

David Grootendorst wrote:

Last week i installed a 3 node cluster at a bank in The Netherlands.
I've got the folling problem:
Start the 2 nodes.
They form the cluster and node 3 is automaticly fenced on the brocade switch.
If i want to join the cluster with node 3, i have to enable the 2 SAN
ports on the SAN swiches and boot my machine again. ( No san... no data
disks at boottime ).
Is this normal or do i miss something?
( running the latest redhat software. )

David Grootendorst
RHCA ( almost )
Hi David,

What normally is supposed to happen is that all three nodes are started at once.

The first two nodes should wait for the third node to join the fence domain before they proceed. The only reason the third node would be fenced is if it hasn't reported in before the post_join_delay time specified in the cluster.conf file. See:


I think the goal was to get the cluster in a known good fully-functional state
at startup.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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