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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_tool issue

Hello Chris,
if you like have a look at www.opensharedroot.org. This is a sharedroot 
cluster with gfs. Software and a Howto can be found there. Perhaps you can 
get some hints from there or just use the software. It should run pretty 
Let me know if you have problems.
Regards Marc.
On Wednesday 15 November 2006 06:47, Christopher Hawkins wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on a shared root gfs cluster and I'm having a problem I can't
> seem to figure out... It's just two nodes and I have gfs working fine when
> they are both running normally. I am trying to get one of them to fire up
> cluster services in an initramfs and pivot root into the gfs filesystem
> (which is running already on the other node), and I'm slightly stuck on
> fence_tool join. CCSD starts, cman_tool join works fine, and then fence
> tool errors out with waiting for ccs connection -111.
> The cluster is quorate, ccs_test fails, but a forced ccs_test works.
> cman_tool status tells all and seems to know everything it should.
> Networking is fine, including hostnames and all that. One thing I tried was
> going with ccsd -I -4 since I think that the ccsd.sock socket did not get
> created correctly... But no difference. Stracing fence_tool join doesn't
> help much, just basically says that it can't connect to the socket, which I
> sort of knew already. Any ideas as to how to verify the ccsd socket or how
> to make ccsd -I -4 work so that isn't necessary, or maybe some info on what
> fence_tool is trying to do here? I have not blown up all the sources from
> the Atix folks yet to see if they have something special going on in there,
> but I suppose that's next if no one knows the answer.
> Thanks!
> Chris
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Gruss / Regards,

Marc Grimme
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