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Re: [Linux-cluster] ccs_test tool

Marcos Gil Ferreira David wrote:


I have a two-node cluster with several services running on it. Each of these services needs an ip address that configured in the cluster (a Cluster IP Address).

My problem is that in order for some of our applications to function properly I need to know the ip address that is assigned to a given service.


Extracted from /etc/cluster/cluster.conf:


<service autostart="1" domain="cluster0" name="MySQL">

<fs ref="shared_mysql">

<ip ref="">

<script ref="mysql"/>





Is there any application (perhaps ccs_test) that can give me the ip address assigned to the MySQL service (or any other service), without dumping the entire cluster.conf on console?

No, but a python script could pull it out for you in prolly less than 20 lines. It would have to run as root, though, in order to read the conf file. Do you need this to work in an automated fashion as stdin to another app?


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