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[Linux-cluster] Cluster Crashes

First of all, is there a way I can test to see if my Brocade switch is 
actually doing any fencing or not? I get the sense it's doing nothing.

I think this because my cluster is terribly unstable. If I reboot a node, 
that's fine, it works, the cluster stays up. However, if one of the nodes 
crashes in any manner, it takes down everything to the point of having to shut 
down every machine and starting it all one at a time.

If a drive get's moved on my FC storage, the cluster crashes. If the storage 
is rebooted, the cluster crashes. If I change pretty much anything on the 
storage, the cluster crashes, it's nuts. The way it seems to start is that one 
node seems to have a kernel panic which sets off the rest.

I know this is limited information but I need somewhere to start. I can't even 
begin to think of using this in a production environment, no one would get any 
sleep watching over this to make sure it's all up :).


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