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RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster Crashes

> Log in to the switch and check the status of the port connected to the
> node in question.  It should be down.

I'll do that next time.
>> If a drive get's moved on my FC storage, the cluster crashes.
>> If the storage is rebooted, the cluster crashes. If I change

> You're kidding, right?  Filesystems don't like having storage yanked
> out from underneath them, clustered or not.

I don't mean gone as in removed, I mean changed as in adding/removing a drive
in a system that should not cause these problems. The Xyratex gear I'm using 
should allow me to add/remove drives while the system is running, as in hot 
swap. I'm guessing it's the Xyratex I need to work on some more. 

Still, I do want to understand how to deal with hardware changes so that I 
don't have crashed clusters too often since we do change/move gear in and out, 
a lot.


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