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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster Crashes

Ah, I knew I wasn't crazy. And no, I was not just removing storage and 
wondering why things crashed :).

Yes, I'm now using older but useful QLA2200 cards on each node. I'm also using 
Brocade switches, a 2800 and 2400's without fabric zones.

I'll have to peek at the logs the next time it happens, don't have any handy 
at this point.


> This almost sounds like the RSCN problem I tried to chase down a while
> back. In a nutshell, something changes on the SAN and an RSCN event
> occurs, which is seen by all nodes on the SAN. The RSCN event should be
> completely harmless, but I have seen it kill all the FC I/O paths, and
> that would be bad. I would think that the cluster would stay up, but
> nodes would withdraw from the filesystem as soon as they lost the I/O path.
> Are you using Qlogic HBAs? If so, check /var/log/messages for any "SCSI
> errors".
> What you are seeing could be unrelated, but the symptoms sounds roughly
> the same.
> Ryan

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