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RE: [Linux-cluster] CCSD Start Fails...

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From: Kevin Anderson [mailto:kanderso redhat com]
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2006 12:03 AM
To: linux clustering
Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] CCSD Start Fails...

On Fri, 2006-11-24 at 09:50 +0000, HAWKER, Dan wrote:
Hi All,

Have been testing rhcs on a FC5 box or two for a while for eventual creation
of a small cluster (3 nodes) for a small area of our project. In the tests
it worked fine.

However, naturally enough, now that I come to install properly on new
bought-for-the-task hardware, its not working as thought...

Everything compiles fine and looks pretty good. All the ko's load fine and
apps are installed as expected. However when I startup ccsd it fails,

Failed to connect to cluster manager
Hint: Magma plugins are not in the right spot

I have googled, and looked on the FAQ, where the suggested answer (I
compiled from the stable 1.03.00 tarball) was to run a make uninstall, make
distclean and then re-compile.

I have done this, however it still doesn't seem to work, I get the same

If I run # magma_tool list it says things are OK, and displays the (it says
OK) magma plugins. It also says it is looking at /usr/lib/magma for them,
which I presume is the default.li

Not sure if this is the problem, but 64bit machines are looking for libraries in /usr/lib64.  When you do the configure, set --libdir=/usr/lib64 and rebuild, this might fix the problem you are seeing. since You are on an x86_64 box.

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that hasn't made any difference :( I get the same message, the only difference being that magma_tool says that it is looking under /usr/lib64/magma for the plugins rather than /usr/lib/magma.
BIt confused am afraid, can't see what the problem is. Is there a way of upping the log level for ccsd on a temporary basis to see what it is looking for???
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